Cape to Cape 2019

Cape to Cape Mission Report

On the way there:

Rita Boyd, Chris White,  Rachel Foster, Karen and Larry and Karen Tanner, Sarah and Rachel Thornsberry
Don Boyd went earlier to set up contact appointments and make other arrangements.

May 22, 2019
We have been just a little busy, which is a great thing. Saturday we met with 10 contacts and were able to set up times to meet with most of them individually. Sunday we worshiped with the Central church of Christ where our ladies' day will be held on the 25th. Monday, we met with Samkelo (see picture attached) and found that he is studying and searching for the truth and we are putting him in contact with a minister in his community. Several other meetings were set up for the rest of the week.

Tuesday, we drove for 2 hours to meet with a man, Linda Madikane. He and his wife were at our seminar. He is a brother in the Lord's church and has completed all of the WBS lessons and is looking for more studies so that he can teach others. We got back to our little home in time to grab a bite to eat and then head over to Denver Crowster's home. Denver and his wife had invited another couple over and we had a really nice study with them. Ashraf is now going to sign up on WBS. He was impressed that we teach from the Bible only. These men are both very sincere about wanting to know God's word and to share the gospel, especially with the youth. Be praying for them as they continue in their studies.

Today was very fruitful. Karen, Sarah, Rachel F and Rachel T met with Claudia Soma at one of the malls in the morning. Sarah did an excellent job of instructing Claudia and she knew that she needed to be baptized, so we drove to the Bellville church and used the baptistry there. Praise the Lord!

At 3, Rachel F, Sarah and Karen met with Xoliswa, who prefers the name Patricia. She has heard the gospel and says she was baptized for the remission of her sins, but had a lot of questions about conflicting ideas she's heard so we spent our time with her in trying to answer those. She has been out of job for 4 years now, so please pray for her.

Then this evening was really exciting because we believe we've met a group of people who are really wanting to do the Lord's will. Don, Chris and Larry did a great job with this group. I believe more baptisms will come from this group in the very near future. Grant Adams, one of Karen's WBS students, brought his wife and 4 other people over. We talked for over 2 hours and comments were made about how they had never really understood the importance of baptism before. One asked if it was OK to be baptized again and more than one said they wanted to come back to hear more, so we are expecting great things from this encounter. Joanne plans to bring her son so that he can learn the importance of baptism. Be praying for Grant and his wife, Ludfia, for Joseph and Joanne, for Paul and for Ruweida.

sarah and rachel

Rachel, Xoliswa (Patricia), and Sarah


Tonight's group with (from left to right) Joanne, Rachel F, Ruweida, Paul, Grant, Ludfia and Joseph


Anastasia Bester and daughter, Don, Rachel T, Denver Crowster, Ashraf Bester, and Denver's wife (whose name I cannot remember)

mission Don, Samkelo, Larry, Rachel F & Sarah.

The girl's got pictures of today's baptism, but since they are in bed, I won't ask for it now. It is probably posted by now on Facebook.


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