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Childrens Homes
Cape to Cape  2019 Report

Children's Homes of Paragould

        Children's Homes, Inc., of Paragould (CHI) began in 1955, with the care of four children. It was established to provide a Christian home for children whose parents cannot care for them because of death, separation, abandonment, illness or some other reason. The agency was begun as a part of the benevolent work of the Seventh and Mueller Church of Christ in Paragould. This agency is now being helped by many congregations and many individuals.  Children' Homes was incorporated in the Circuit Court of Greene County, Arkansas, on September 21, 1956, with the elders of the Seventh and Mueller congregation as its Board of Directors. 
        The first permanent cottage owned by CHI opened on January 1, 1959. There are now nine family-style residential cottages on the campus. In an effort to lessen the negative aspects of the institutional care, family-style housing is used. Each living unit has a husband and wife who serve as full-time group home parents to provide the parental role models and guidance needed by the children. 
        In July of 1969, Children's Homes received authority from the State Welfare Department to place children in foster homes and for adoption. CHI became the first agency in the state to receive a formal placement license for children. 
        In addition to the nine cottages in Paragould, there is also a foster-family style residential home in North Little Rock. In 1992, Children's Homes began a group home for children in North Little Rock. Children’s Homes provides placement and counseling services for children placed there.
        We are blessed to participate in the support of the Children's Homes of Paragould, Arkansas by donating funds, food and cleaning supplies, (see shopping list) along with items for their thrift store.  For more information on the Children's Home, go to www.childrenshomes.org.




Cape to Cape Missions  

2017 - Mission Trip, May 16-May 30
Don and Rita Boyd, Larry and Karen Tanner, and college students, Rachel Foster and Jennifer Parker, took part in this year's Cape to Cape Mission.  Bible studies in small groups took place with at least 24 non-members being taught the gospel.  The Ladies' Day at the Riverview church of Christ saw 68 ladies in attendance.  Our two young college students, Rachel and Jennifer, along with veterans Rita and Karen presented lessons on how to "Brighten the Corner Where You Are."

2015 - Mission Trip
Don and Rita Boyd, Larry & Karen Tanner and Jennifer Parker were our ambassadors to Cape Town this year.  Bible Studies were conducted and the ladies spoke at the ladies' day which the Riverview church of Christ arranged.

2013 - Mission Trip, June 12, 2013
7 members of our congregation, Chris and Heather Babb, Don and Rita Boyd, Marie Getts, and Larry and Karen Tanner traveled to Cape Town, South Africa, to conduct Bible Studies with the friends and neighbors of members in that area.  The ladies conducted a ladies' day at the Riverview church of Christ on Sunday afternoon, June 23rd.  Praise God for their safe travels.

2011 Mission Trip

The planned April of 2011 mission trip had to be cancelled due to scheduling problems with our team leaders and the inavailability of several of our team members to go at those dates.  We will try again in the summer of 2013.


2009 Mission Trip

     April of 2009 saw a team of 6 from this congregation meet up with Don and Rita Boyd, who flew down from their mission field in Zambia, in Cape Town, South Africa. Jim and Tula Taylor, along with Larry and Karen Tanner have gone to South Africa twice before on mission trips. Mark McAllister and John McLain were excited to join the team for the first time. This was the 3rd trip into this area supported by the West End Blvd. Church of Christ. 
    Working primarily with the Southern Suburbs congregation in Cape Town, South Africa, to encourage their members and to meet with some who had dropped out of the church, our team was also able to conduct several Bible Studies with friends and neighbors of the members there. Although these studies led to only one baptism, we know that the seed was planted. God can give the increase in HIS time, if the soil was fertile. 
    We pray that these mission trips to this area will continue for many years. Please join us in praying for the work in South Africa. 

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